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Handmade in Vermont......

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Spiritual Healing

Yoga & Spiritual Healing are revitalized when used in unison with pure essential oils , herbal teas, & aromatherapy which are fine choices for healthy living. Spirituality is the key to living harmoniously with ourselves, our world & in nature. Head outside breathe fresh air, go walking, add  yoga indoor/outdoor to renew your mind, body & spirit by reducing stress and lowering blood pressure.

We offer spiritual uplifting scents & fine aromatics!

Sustaining sources provide for my essential oils , we offer only pure ,non dilution & hand blends of my own scents.

CHAKRAS: Natural support to flow all of your energies-- mind-body-spirit.

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1. Root : Suggests enjoying the cobra yoga pose here for strong foundation & to achieve your highest level for being grounded. Helps survival & independence. located at your tailbone area. Scents of well being are spicy, Island Heat, lemon flower basil, cranberry woods. Teas: cranberry, herbal chai spice.

2. Sacral: Our connection & ability to accept others. Lower abdomen 2" below naval area. Yoga: cobra pose. Scents for healing tangerine, bergamot & orange.

3. Solar Plexis: Upper abdomen area in the stomach area. Promotes your ability to be confident & control our lives. Yoga: dancing, shake those hips & snap upsfor healing thru yoga. Healing Teas: peppermint, lemongrass, chamomile. Aromatherapy :Earthmuffins Sultry scents , Patchouli, Lavender, & Amber & warm Sandalwood.

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4. Heart : center of our chests. Our ability to love is most important. LOVE-LOVE- LOVE is the only Dance.. Herbal teas: Passion fruit teas. lemon ginger peach & Berry Green teas hot or cold for soothing most matters.

5. Throat : Our ability to communicate , relaxation with expression of feelings- speak truth without secrets....

Aromatherapy: warm vanilla combined with Earthmuffin's Island breeze ( light soft citrusy), + lavender & rosemary.

Helpful to attain relaxation from emotional issues & having a voice! Yoga: try the shoulder stand , + singing & chanting. More scents: bergamot pear lily, blueberries & citrusy lemon notes.

6. Third Eye Chakra: Location is our forehead between eyes. Our ability to focus & see the "big" picture.

Aromatherapy: apply with forefinger & thumb. Apply warm herbal essential oils of choice on forehead. Enjoy herbal teas like black mango & hibiscus, also chocolate is important soul food- Enjoy!

7. Crown Chakra: Highest level of our ability to be connected spiritually. Location: very top of our heads (crown). emotionally this covers our inner beauty & our connection spiritually with both inner & our outer world..... Where you feel pure bliss! meditation, cardio workouts, breathe in deep fresh air. running, swimming , dancing, singing, sunshine. gardening & clean clear air. Aromatics & Herbal teas: lavender fields & flowers, daisies(chrysanthemums), chamomile teas, orange patchouli, passion flowers.Revitalize.

We are here for your spirituality self-regeneration to answer questions for your most positive experience. 802-378-5058

Sustaining sources for essential oils.


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