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Handmadee in Vermont......

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Earthmuffin’s  Herbal Tea Time Stone Mug n Tea 

Earthmuffins Island Time Tea exclusive gift  please Chose one(1)  flavor: Lemon Ginger , or Gypsy Rose, or Wild Women Tea or Hibiscus Black Tea. All delicious & plentiful in taste soothing & healing . Boxed with Mug & 6oz. sack of tea and with handcrafted stone mug. Gift wrapped & eco boxed. Occasion card . 

Tea Time gift box
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Lemongrass Refresh Mint- Island Time Herbal Tea

Offering 100% Organic handblended Herbals for the best Teas......

Earthmuffins' garden grown fresh dried lemongrass & peppermint leaves that's it.

Simply delicious - Very aromatic A healing support for digestion & fresh taste! Great aromatics .

12 oz. zip sealed bag no canning jars( only available at Farmers market) pure nothing added.

Lemongrass Refresh Mint- Island Time Herbal Tea
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Island Time Peppermint Leaf Tea

100% pure Peppermint Leaf tea herbal tea.(single herb) non-blended.Hand grown here in our gardens -dried, cut & sifted green & fresh -pure. Supports digestion & congestion great winter time tea!

Healing & refreshing -always delicious Herbal Mint Tea- simple herb fresh dried - nothing added.we offer 

12oz. zip  sealed bag , canning jars at Champlain Islands Farmers market only

Island Time Peppermint Leaf Tea
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Island Time Indian Herbal Chai Tea

Island Time Indian Chai Herbal Tea is Spicy delicious- so just right! Caffeine Free! Zero  tannins for sensitive throats.Organic 100%

Pure Fresh Dried cinnamon, fennel, ginger, anise, cardamon, cloves & black peppercorns. No tannins.

A world of spices makes for the smooth unique flavor &spicy aromatis makes for pure everyday delight.

Non-caffeinated. Pour 6 oz. boiling water over 1 teaspoon Indian Chai Spice Tea Steep 4-5 min.

If desired top off with steamed milk or dairy choice, sweeten with honey or sugar to taste.

A true favorite of Fresh Market Customers! also add a shot of black tea or espresso for another caffeine concoction!

Island Time Indian Chai HerbalTea
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Island Time Lemon Ginger Herbal Cleanser Tea ....

Pure Body Cleanser

Earthmuffin's exclusive therapeutic revitalizing herbals to remove toxins from the body. Clean your pipes!

Healthy healing choice & delicious !

Hand made with Pure Organic dried Lemongrass , roasted ginger & chicory root & lemon peel handblended with fresh dried organic lemongrass& hibiscus flowers. Supports immune Vitamin C.

no caffeine.  Add more water to lessen the strength or more for stronger delicious cleansing tea!

Island Time Lemon Ginger Herbal Cleanser Tea
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Island Time Hibiscus Black mt. Grown.

Fresh Hibiscus flowers..


High mt. grown organic black tea leaves handblended w/ fresh dried mango & purple cone flowers. Delicious favorite with caffeine. enjoy hot or cold pour 6 oz. boiling water over 1 teaspoon Black Mango Tea let steep 4-5 min. Let cool or drink hot!

Earthmuffins specialty ! Highly aromatic & pungent black tea - simply delicious

Third Eye Chakra - herbal healing indigo black tea dried mango bits & purple cone flowers.

We offer 12oz. zip lock bag or ball canning jar pack fresh!

Island Time Black Mango Tea
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Island Time Harvest Tea for Wild Women

Wildly Good - Hot or Cold-Black and Green tea leaves Mt. grownhandblended with fresh dried   Crimson  & Hibiscus flowers.

Offering the Ultimate delicious way to spark up Life- Energize ,recharge & Share Earthmuffin's exclusive Herbal garden tea - a true favorite amongst High Caffeine lovers...

Hand grown & blended for you  Wild Mt.  & Lake women who work hard everyday celebrate -fresh  burst dried crimson red berries & dried raspberries & hibiscus.


Organic Fresh dried Green& Black  mt. Grown Tea leaves( sustaining sources) with my garden fresh dried lemon grass & hibiscus flowers + a little spicy warm hibiscus 🌺 & crimson flowerettes simmers it up to add bit of honey for sweet spice of Life. 1 quart boiling water over the herbs/flowers & spice in canning jar or tea pot. Steep 20 minutes. Strain into 1/2 gallon jar or pitcher , fill with ice cold wtarer . Serve with ice +sprig of basil leaf or black currant leaf for garnish.Peaceful perk to your day & sparks your nights!!

12 0z. canning jar lasts all season! Enjoy. eco-boxed- (whole Tea leaves sustaining sources). 

Harvest Tea for Wild Women
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Island Time Spearmint Leaf Tea

Fresh Minty

Finest fresh grown Garden Spearmint Leaves Tea - dried, cut & sifted.

Light & delicious - stomach soother- a favorite Non- caffeine tea - healthy & cleansing!

12 oz. jar ask for gift sets with candle & or strainers.

We offer Tea Time gift mason jars or Island TeaTime gift boxes please ask .Enjoy 

Spearmint Leaf Tea
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 Island Time Gypsy Rose Tea


Hand made for Gypsy Souls:

Full Body  Mt. grown Black tea leaves  hand blended with Farm fresh dried  Pink Rose petals wildcrafted  from the garden! Delicious uniqueness. Share with friends! 

Packaged in 12 oz. jars ribbon tied & wrapped in eco friendly materials. Enjoy

Gypsy Rose Island Time Tea
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Berry Green- Island Time Herbal Tea

High Mt. grown Green Tea leaves- High caffeine!

All the benefits of Organic Green Tea( antioxidant & diet support) plus great tasting Handblended &

Pure Dehydrated organic fresh dried vermont raspberries& red currants & boysenberries makes for a strong fresh berry tea packed with antioxidants & Vit. C !

We offer fresh sealed canning jars as shown or air tight natural plastic bagged order 1 -2 lb. bulk tea.

Berry Green Herbal Tea
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