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Earthmuffin’s   Island Lights

Eco Green pure  soy candles

Handcrafted w/ cork lids

Celebrate  Life  ....All season  Aromatherapy  Wise Spirit calming. Offering:Fresh Spring blossoms & balanced herbal scents...for All your festive gatherings:  Spring Market scents . Order “NEW” scents &style.


.Earthy clean fresh winter scents from woodlands.PURE SCENT & Clean.

 Simply creative  spice up your space . Share Joy & Cheer..... Lovely scents all season long...special orders just give us a call. Chemical free.

Pure soy +cotton wicks+ essential oils non-GMO, no dyes no perfumes ever...

Offering:long lasting 16 oz.

Spring Scents:Cactus Blossoms 

Jade  Gardens :top notes  green florals : chrysanthemum, pear, lily, lemon flowers & tiger lilies mid notes.

grounded earthy soft jade.

Red Sangria :muddled fruit top notes, rich world spices, blends warm orange sunrise base.

Original & Uniqueness says it!

Recharge- Refresh- Calming 

Cedar Moss: Cedar woods blends a mossy oak base.

Lemon Grass “BuzzOff” 

Driftwood- Fresh coastal pungent redwoods & prickly pear essence .  This candle Rocks!



Great scents for home, office & camp.

12 oz. Vintage green with cork lids

eco-wrapped & tied ribbons....reusable container .

 SHIPPING Included !

Vintage green soy candle

Balsam Cedar Island Lights

Fresh Balsam & Cedar 

Forest Fresh long lasting - Top notes: Balsam fir handblended with Cedar Woods. Enjoy outstanding  fresh alpine woodlands scent !

A true favorite for those of you wishing for the scent of a fresh winter forest -all year through.

12 oz. glass jar w/ lid - Pure Soy, cotton wicks & pure balsam fir oil!

Enjoy - 90 hours Slow smooth burning Island Lights candles!

Balsam Soy Candles

Lemon Flower Basil 

Island Lights Soy Candles

Spicy notes blend Lemony Fresh scent.

Handpoured sensual blend of warm oils with a touch of spicy makes this a very special scented candle .

This is one of the best surprises to test your good Scents - I did it with A heady fresh sprig lemony florals (top note) mid touches of white Amber & Spicy Basil base notes!

Pure essential oils + soy + cotton wicks make special gift giving.

12 oz. jar with glass lid 

handmade labeled eco boxed tied with/ribbons.

Comes eco boxed & tiAsk for special or holiday gift wraps.

Lemon Flower Basil Soy Candles

 Chestnut& Clove 

Island Lights Soy Candles 

 Spicy Woodlands - old world traditional spices dark rich subtle top notes- chestnuts ,mid notes cloves musky smoothness.  Handpoured. Pungent spicy candle not sweet!   Crafty pure nutty woods!

Handmade labels by DK Design, exclusively for Earthmuffins. 

Share & gift friends & count your Blessings with a glow! Love the aromatic deep woods & harvest scent during your celebrations- spark up your life-with finest  pure soy fresh scents from the earth  chestnut, clove &  handblended  with pure essential oils. Gift boxed with ribbon-long lasting cotton wicks.

 11.oz. Approx. 85 hrs. slow burning time.

Chestnut & Clove Candle

Gypsy Rose - Island Lights 

Gypsy Souls - indulge Deep soft smooth  scents to treat  your senses through all seasons.Amber Rose is a soft comforting 

Scentfor your space. Truly one of a kind best Originals pure handmade delight. Made with only pure essential oils & cotton wicks. 

Ignite your Gypsy soul with top soft notes sensual Tuber Rose ,(mid notes) warm amber & vanilla sky & a musky hint of  patchouli . Handcrafted   hand poured in 11oz. glass metro jar (11.0z). Beautiful handmade label exquisite scent. Hand designed label by DK designs, [email protected] Free shipping.

Gift boxed & tied with ribbon.

Gypsy Rose Soy candle

Camo Country Balsam  & Cedar 

Island Lights

Offering Best Fal Winter scents :

Balsam woods  in Fresh herbal garden - hand poured : enjoy Balsam & cedar woods (top notes) refreshing 

 mid notes 📝 sage & oak herbal light, (base notes.) Add simple  delightful  glow to your space. This is a great scented soy. Candle!

Small batches & hand poured  soy & pure  essential oils of light fresh woodsy balsam & white  grapefruit blends of

 old fashioned sage.

 Gift boxed & ribbons- Share & enjoy loveliness all year. 12 oz. jar with-lid &  label, boxed & wrapped. Please call for  special occasion. Long lasting 85-90 hrs. slow burning time.

Apple & Sage

 Earthmuffin’s Aroma   Lights Travel Tins

Soft glowing Island lights travelers tin  for Bath, office, & Aroma travel =delight. Pure soy + essential oils. Offering celebrated scents: Apples & Sage, Gypsy Rose, Lemon Flower Basil, Patchouli, French Lavender,  White tea & Ginger . 

Gypsy Rose 🥀 make scents !


Light up your life-Add freshscents  to your cheer up travels. 40z. gift boxed & tied w/ribbons. 

Aroma Lights Travel Tins