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Handmade in Vermont......

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Earthmuffin's Sore Muscle Rub

Earthmuffin's original recipe with 100% Arnica soothes pain.

Herbal proprietary blend: winter green(menthal salycilate),+Arnica,(soothes & relieves pain), Tea Tree oil (heals).Handmade- no chemicals made with organic bees wax, almond & olive, Vit. E oil. non GMO-chemical free.

4oz. tin with lid

Sore Muscle Rub
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French Lavender Island grown in Vermont

Fresh Island grown lavender from our vermont gardens! Offering Fresh picked bouquets & fresh dried bundles for sachets & crafting.

Use for fresh scent that lasts for bouquets & special gifts.100% pure organic.

All Flowers from our Healiing Garden Organic & local grown & hand dried in Vermont !

Seasonal please call ahead.

Lavender essential oi is enjoyed worldwide for: bath bars, scents, perfumes, hair & beauty oil, body lotion & shampoos, even laundry soap!very seasonal please call!

French Lavender Island grown in Vermont
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Island Florals Sweet Sachets

Fresh flowers & florals from the garden -hand dried to preserve the many scents of summer. A mix of gardenflorals, botanicals,rosemary & flower petals. Scented with pure Lavender essential oil.

6 oz. organdy lace bags of moss green or gold or red ( one will be picked for you).

Pretty natural fresh scents for yourself, drawers, & sensual special gifts.

We have floral sachets all year!!! Pretty dried flowers & botanicals kept fresh for your pleasure! Highly Aromatic!! freshen drawers, office, closets!

Our flat rate box(es) can hold many gifts & our hand packed- it is not based on weight.

Island Florals Sweet Sachets
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Holiday Potpurri

 Holidays everywhere are made Special for you! Seasonal though special orders are welcome.

We have made beautifully scented dried florals for your Holiday Spirits.

We gather dried florals, seed pods, berries, spices & herbs hand dried & blended in Fall for your Holiday delight- In Winter time fresh hand dried botanicals are essential from the farmer's garden- Gorgeous scents of The Seasons' .....Enjoy All Year long!

Please specify Fall Harvest Spice or Holiday Potpourris (cranberry artisan)..

Hand blended 22 oz. bags of pretty dried garden florals red rose petals hand dried ,red rose hips, red clover blossoms, lotus pods,laurel bay leaves , mint & lemongrass,lemon balm leaves , cedar tips, balsam cones, assorted dried nuts,lily pods & seeds. Herbal & Spice blends! fresh dried for Holidays! hand dried cinnomon bark, cloves, & anise stars make glorious spicy blends we combine our finest wildcrafted garden florals +orange, spice, red berries, laurel bay & evergreen & assorted cones!

Earthly delights specially Labeled & Tied up with pretty natural ribbons of red & green (organdy) in clear natural cellophane bags-beaut iful hand made gift! Ready for Home, Office or Holiday Gift giving .SEASONALplease ask for help.

This is seasonal but lasts a very long time 1yr.+ add fresh orange, lemon sprigs & essential oils!

Holiday Potpurri
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Earthmuffin's Poison Ivy Remedy: Anti-itch Relief

Anti-Itch Relief

Healing Relief Soothing Support : Earthmuffin's own handmade blend of Pure spicy herbals: Ginger root extract + Tea Tree (Melaleauca) oil with cooling relief from pure peppermint leaf oil! these 100% essential oils work effectively with other natural ingredients.

When you have a breakout Earthmuffins' Poison Ivy Rememdy really Stops the itch & the burn !

4oz. spray container made with 100% pure essential oils.

Poison Ivy Remedy
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Earthmuffins Green Spirit Box..fabulous for spa and gifting...

Earthmuffins Green Carriage Eco gift box is about -Cooperation in these times...Buy one get one Free for healing friends n family Pay shipping on gift.

filling your box full of soaking goodies for yourself @ the Spa or a wonderful Gift that makes Scents!!! Build your own Green Box ! send me an e-mail special order with your choices! choices:  Fleur de Lis or Vines & berries. 

We offer: Your Choice of 3 herbal soaps + (1) candle your scent please chose . + (1) Island Time Herbal Teas 6oz. Or Bath Soak 6oz. -celebrate  long soaks...

e-mail or Call us to chose your Gifts that make SCENTS! We use "flat rate" boxes which ship @ $14.85 .Carriage& Eco gift Boxes = earth friendly & recycled materials! Substitutes okay..

We pack Gift Boxes special same day shipping ! Thank you.

Earthmuffins Green Carriage Gift Box
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Earthmuffin's White Sage Mist

Promotes Positve vibes.....

Offering CLEAR MIST perfect for cleansing your sacred space . Promotes happiness & uplifting- brings  good vibes.

Cleanse your space safely and easily with this pure white sage mist. Just one spray in each corner-north,south, east and west-immediately banishes bad energy and promotes positivity !

For your home, office & other special spaces. 4oz. sprayer.

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Earthmuffin's White Sage Mist
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Earthmuffins Wildcrafted Whole Herbs

A Healing Garden of Selected Medicinal Herbs from the  Islandsin Vermont.

12 oz. mason jars filled to keep through winter months! In stock!

Lavender : ( la vandula officinalis)The foliage is beautiful scented for florals sachets & potpourri -soothing calming benefits for massage,eye pillows, Tea & your bath.

Lemon Balm : ( melissa officinalis) the leaves make a soothing tea that won't make you sleepy.

Lemongrass : A refreshing tea from grassy stalks & used in longlasting sachets.

Calendula: a member of the marigold family - the flower petals have been used to accelerate healing and growth of new skin for centuries- sooth irratations & sunburn in your bath!

Sweet Basil: fresh herb for spicing up your favoite dishes.

Roses fresh petals : Premium Rose petals & buds for teas, add to black tea(milk & honey) & gorgeous scents for your sachets & potpourri for your bath scents.

Marjorum leaf : botanical marjorana hortensis: fresh dried herb use in cooking roasted chicken, rice, turkey, veggie burgers; highly aromatic pleasantly familiar. Stronger more pungent than thyme.

Lemon Balm : Herbaceaous fresh dried great for refreshing teas & calming; use for cream salves( also insect deterrent).

Peppermint leaf : ( peprita mentha) farm fresh dried organic peppermint tea grade, high aromatics!

Spearmint leaf: Fresh from healing garden grown in Vt. Use for Tea or stove top steep!

Thyme : thymus vulgaris: herb for cooking traditional roast chicken, turkey & stuffing blend with sage & marjorum.

Spearmint Leaf: refreshing pure hand grown in Earthmuffin's garden, use for tea has no caffeine or ask for whole Herb.

Use for long soaks in your bath, fresh florals for your tea ....just

Put a large handful of fresh flowers & leaves in canning jar or tea pot pour boiling water over them,let cool. Use for teas & cooking flavor full robust.See Herb Teas blog for more tips & uses.

These are seasonal except peppermint, spearmint, lemon grass, lemon balm & calenduala& Lavender is there's some left.... - available dried fresh  for every season! Seasonal call 802-378-5058

Earthmuffin's White Sage Mist
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Earthmuffin's: TICK FLICK

Herbal Tick Repel highly effective...

Earthmuffin's Finest Herbal Remedy: without giving away all of her secrets has trademarked "TICK FLICK"Tm - 2017

For Centuries Rosemary, Peppermint, cedar woods, juniper to name most effective.these Strong herbaceous Plants. Including pennyroyal & Catnip, covered farms .Efecctively then & Now - distilled into remedies for ticks & fleas , rodents, Other  insect pests.

Finest Herbal Herbal proprietary blend & pure essential oils by way of steam distillation.

Original TICK & FLEA REPEL recipe:Main ingredients are Rosemary (Romaris officinalis)which is known for centuries & used to deter fleas & ticks combines (pure catnip )  (nepetalactone) ,eucalyptus,hand blended & effective 100% pure + proprietary blend herbs & finest essential oils in distilled water base.Hand grown in Vermont.

Safe for whole family & Pets - Hand steam distilled & Grown at Earthmuffins Island Herbals ! Named by Emmett, age 7. 

Have a Peaceful Summer 

TICK FLICK Herbal Tick Repel
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Earthmuffin's Original Skeeter Beater

 Repels insects-Highly Aromatic - Lemongrass scented. Effective Herbs 

Very Effective - Earthmuffin's exclusive Herbal recipe that works 1,000 + users everyday! Deep free -Safe for pets.

Handblended pure essential oils of lemongrass, with neem seed oil, proprietary herbals & botanicals  soaked & distilled with pure essential oils in spring water. Hand made in Champlain Islands & Adirondacks.

4oz. mist sprayer which lasts.

Use liberally this is safe for your family & pets. Put on bandanas for walks & hiking.

Enjoy a peaceful summer!

Skeeter Beater
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