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Handmade in Vermont......

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Mango Butter Soap

Offering  creamy emolliency with delightful soft scent pure Mango cruelty chemical free  skin care .Our vibrant sunset orange color,madder powderpure  (plant based). 

Saponified organic  oils  : coconut,Shea & sunflower oils,mango butter .(non-GMO)

A creamy clean mango scent handmilled with special care . Excellent for daily use for the whole family ! Handmade offers varying orange/pink colors.

*handmilled with certified organic essential oils, & mango butter.

please note: We use flat rate shipping not based on weight 1 bar alone is 3.00 where 10-20 soaps fit per flat rate box(12.85).

Earthmuffins Mango Butter Soap
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Honey Brook Vanilla Bean Soap

Luxurious  soak in the softness blends honey vanilla bean scent with

Creamy skin softening coconut ,shea butter+ pure vanilla bean extract.

No chemicals, cruelty free...

no added color no dyes. vanilla+ Vit. E adds a soft ivory color.

Saponified oils of pure coconut, shea butter +local honey, sunflower, bees wax & pure

sea salt.

Note: We pack our soap in flat rate boxes 10-20 soaps fit in reg. size (12.85), 1 bar is (1.35).

Earthmuffins Honey Brook Vanilla Bean Soap
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Patchouli Soap

A forever favorite- undeniable  scent of the 60's! handcrafted soap handmilled saponified oils of coconut &shea butters with sunflower +pure sea salt ,organic bees wax with pure patchouli essential oil.

A warm secret  infusion  sweetens & softens and scents your skin experience. Forever favorite.

* 100% Pure no chemicals/cruelty free.

Note: we pack our soap in flat rate eco boxes 10-20 bars fit in low rate(12.85) box .

Earthmuffins Patchouli Soap
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Lemongrass Ginger Mint soap

Offering  fine unique blend of our Best Fresh Scents lemongrass,ginger and mint.Soak& soften for happy skin.  Lemongrass fresh, Ginger (soothes) & Mint (revamps) .Combines with natural healing properties of therapeutic garden root extracts+effective touch of  Neem seed oil.... A.K.A "Bug-A-Boo" this soap repels insects!

Saponified coconut sunflower oils & shea butter blended with fresh herbal botanicals also (exfoliates).

* Organic 100% essential oil makes this  oz. bars handmade with pure essential oils from sustaining sources & handmilled here at our studio/farm/gardens.

note: our soaps are shipped in flat rate boxes 10-20 sopas fit in (12,85) size box 

Earthmuffins Lemongrass Ginger Mint soap
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Tea Tree Aloe Cleanser Soap

Offering Best pure cleanser soap 100 % Pure Tea Tree OIl (melaleuca) herbal antibacterial soap bar.Combines  handblend of pure aloe vera skin soothing soap bar makes this a fine healing soap. Pure and safe everyday cleanser. Supports acne clear n cleanse power! 

  Natural safe scrubbing bar  with soothing aloe vera.

Light green in color + soft (aloe)skin soother ( antibacterial)  tea tree oil soap bar safe for daily use.

note: our soaps are boxed in flat rate shipping boxes which hold 10-20 bars (12.85) not based on weight. If this is a gift we- wrap your soaps in, jute as you see here: cellophane, muslin & organza bags tied with ribbon! We offer- our small & large green eco gift boxes /just ask .

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Earthmuffins Tea Tree Aloe Soap
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Simply Naked Olive Oil Soap

Offering Earthmuffin's Naked original -first and foremost offering pure olive oil soap named for Simple clean ingredients - saponified 100% virgin cold pressed olive oil & sea salt , infused oil of Bergamot, & Pear Lily flower extracts.  A nice soft facial soap.Pure plant extracts makes

Sunset orange soft & nourishing emollient soap with  unique scent .

Enjoy .

Our bars are packed in eco-friendly flat rate boxes not based on weight .Larger boxes go Fed. ex ground.

Earthmuffins Simply Naked Olive Oil Soap
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Green Tea Olive Oil Soap

Offering simple unique soap recipe handmilled exclusively by Earthmuffin.

Our fine emollient  soap- only  organic pure cold pressed , sea salt & organic green tea infusion  a hint essential oils: lemongrass for just right light scentfor great skin care.

A natural green color (green tea) combines a soft earthy touch of fresh lemongrass essential oil !

All soaps come wrapped in organza bags tied wih ribbon!! Just ask for gift wrapped bars!

packed daily small 1-3 bars, or large flat rate boxes 10-12 bars eco-friendly.

Earthmuffins Green Tea Olive Oil Soap
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French Lavender Soap

Offering fine Luxuiousr

Pure french lavender bath soap. Handmilled with pure lavender essential oil saponified with organic coconut, & shea butter &sunflower oil. Creamy luxury light Lavender  color. No chemicals no dyes!

Lavender is enjoyed around the globe: fine  soaps, lotion, candles & perfumes, some of the many wonderful ways to enjoy french lavender essential oil.

*handmilled & Eco- wrapped every day! ask for gift wrapping or natural bags & boxes.

Earthmuffins French Lavender Soap
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Pampered Pooch Soap Bar

Suds for Paws

Our sweet four legged friends need a serious safe soap for regular scrubbing!Safe for environment our Aussies clean!

Coconut & shea butters makes for our Pure phosphorus free soap base ( safe to use in lakes & waterways )with essential oils of : lemongrass/mint/rosemary & neem seed oil( herbal bug deterrent)! Helps keep coats shiny & clean! Ginger is soothing for skin.Deodorizing is key here!!!

This herbal soap has properties with a purpose- Fresh scent removes odor, & bug repellent  herbal good & safe for all your 4 legged friends! Love our Aussies! Meigo & Buffer painting,by Fredric Jay Johnson, Artist.

Refreshing lemongrass scented for long lasting Bar soap!

*handmilled with certified organic oils. 

Earthmuffin's Pampered Pooch Soap Bar
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Rosemary Garden Botanical Soap

Lavish Soother

Offering A Most Beautifully scented soap bar handmilled fresh from Earthmuffin's garden- Rosemary & French Lavender combines essential oils in an organic oatmeal soap base saponified with coconut, shea butter & sunflower oils. Aromatic with soothing power of 100% pure aloe vera & comfrey root powder for dry itchy irritated skin. Very emollient soap for both moisturizing & balancing- great for natural exfoliant.

* Organic finest ingredients handmilled in Vermont. Hand cut 4oz. bars

we offer soap gift packaging : organzy bags, small& large green eco boxes!Just ask.

Gift the Gardner with this fine soap bar for cleansing & soothing working hands!

Earthmuffins Rosemary Garden Botanical Soap
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Earthmuffins Season Spirit Box

Welcome guests or  just  send a gift to show love to someone.We prefer  simply indulge  yourself for spa day.Herbally creamy soap bars  Chose: (3) Herbal soap bars,(1) Island lights Pure Soy Candle (1)scent,(1) Island Time Jar of Herbal Tea  ( shipping large flat rate box $18.85 priority mail) for our customers in this section. Please use promo code for discount rate. Eco-friendly Boxes are Timeless Florals , shown in photo  Eco-boxes packed & tied with ribbon.

Earthmuffins Season Spirit Box
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Amber Rose Soap bars

Our fine (amber rose) Gypsy rose  soap   magically soften & tone  skin .  Handcrafted  french milled coconut & shea butters blended with  pure essential oils : rose petals& deep warm amber. Satisfy your feminine side with our rose petal  powder fresh bath bar.

colorant: Black currant extract from my garden. (saponified with local bees wax)

Earthmuffins Gypsy Rose Bath Bars
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Earthmuffins 4 Herbal Soaps Gift Box

Earthmuffin's Artisan  Herbal soaps in  equisite gift box

Offering 4 soaps of choice: ,French lavender, sweet patchouli,Lemongrass Mint, Honey Brook Vanilla. Please call foroptions & gift wrapping selection/

Earthmuffins Gift Soaps Box(4)
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