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Handmade in Vermont......

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Earth  Aromatherapy

Sensational Gift : Happy Birthday or every day . All occasions...

Offering: Essential, highly concentrated oils : 100% pure 

 (aura cacia) .

Earthy scent list:  The Best  French Lavender , Amber Rose( gypsy rose musky) plant based only,   Rosemary,( remembrance) 

 Lemongrass( uplifting spirit) ,

 Lemon Flower Basil ( lemony spice),  & forever favorite Patchouli.

 Best scents ever! We chose (3) for you or please call & specify (3):

Beautiful scents. 


Pretty zip Aroma bags varying florals, geo designs, & chevron stripes. 

Eco gift wrapped ,labels, & ribbon.

(3) 0.05 oz. bottles with drip top as  shown. 

Aromatherapy bag

French Lavender Essential Oil

Calm & Balance

The mind-body- spirit with our

Pure essential oils handblended soothing & healing -a true favorite - uplifting.

French  Lavender scent pure vit. E oil.

At Earthmuffins we offer a variety of gorgeous healing eesential oils for scenting your self...your bath , beauty & pure.

These aromatherapeutic oils soothe and comfort to help you feel your best.

We offer a list to chose from (below)as well as support on spiritual healing page & also please k. See our Aromatherapy blog . Just call & ask for help.

Earth essential oils : 100% pure french Lavender.

French Lavender Essential Oil

 Lemon Flowers Island Perfume Oil


Surprise your olafactory sense with my Soft spicy perfume oils(apricot) !

Top notes: Unique florals light lemon flowers & fresh pear blossoms with base notes warm  spicy sweet basil & bergamot essential oils.

Refresh your home diffuser & personal space with for Mind-Body-Spirit.

We offer glass rod vials tied with ribbons in pretty Organza bags.Combine with our  Island Lights Lemon Flower Basil Soy Candle...enjoy!

note: This Scent is lovely soft lemony florals & spice NOT sweet...

Lemon Flower Basil Perfume Oil

Lemongrass  Essential Oil

Earth scents

Uplifting for your mind-body-spirit!

Refresh your room with pure lemongrass 100% pure essential oil.

Uses: added in soaps & candles -fresh & natural for perfume oil & your home diffuser.

Make scents enjoy !

Offer glass rod vials in organza bags- ask for gift wrapping .

Pure Lemongrass Essential Oil

Amber Rose Perfume Oil

Sensual florals

Unique lates scent handblended for for you Ladies who want deep soft uniqueness.

Top Notes : gorgeous Rose oil, Mid notes: Black Currants base: warm amber essential oils.You needn’t be a gypsy to enjoy the scents of pure

 essential oils: handblended perfect for perfume & bath & body oil scents.

Make scents & Special gifts :Easy .5 ml. Bottles or .o1  Glass rod vials .Organza bags with ribbons tied & Eco wrapped.

Amber Rose Perfume Oil

Earthmuffin's Pink Lady Perfume Oil..


Offering Ladies “Pure Zen Blend “ celebrate Delicious “Pink” florals Organic Pink Hibiscus & Royal Orchid flowers , Pink grapefruit ,such gorgeous Pure essential oils hand blended in soft warm Tahitian vanilla base notes - High notes aromatics.A Pretty soulful blend for your Mind-Body -Spirit & a lovely Perfume oil  experience .

Also Try our F loral Bath Soak with PINK florals essential oils & flower petals!

My friends' love this sensual pretty pink lady essential oils blend!! ENJOY!

Pack a Green or Fleur de Lis gift box!

100% pure essential oils offered in .5ml. glass rod vial wrapped in organza gift bag.

Earthmuffin's Pink Perfume Oils

Earth muffin's  Aromatherapy

Reeds Diffuser

Enlighten-Lift Spirits- SHARE- Comfort -Peace & JOY!

Pure Essential oils only eco clean base.

We offer scent choices chose one(1) or more please call & specify which we can pour for your package.

Simple, Handpoured . Fresh scents for your home & office! No Alcohol & Dye free, fair for life. very UNIQUE!

Offering Classics:Wintry: Balsam fir, 

Rosemary orange myrrh.

 Classics: French Lavender , Patchouli, Amber Rose, If you like Citrusy : Lemon Flower Basil fresh  (light Lemony with a touch of sweet Basil), Apples & Sage,Mandarin Myrrh smooth earthy.Medievel Maiden.

Florals: French Lavender, Hibiscus White Amber, Lemongrass & Driftwood ( pacific redwood oil blends smooth prickly pear) are sensational. All Freshen air -Healthy-eliminate smoke and kitchen smells ...without sprays-

Includes: 6oz. clear glass decanters with natural 10"reeds. re-fillable.. essential oils. Hand washable decanter &  NO  Aerosols..chemical free..Non-GMO,,,

* recycled glass & organic essential oils. Clean & Simple Aromatherapy!

Add with candles, soap to make a green carriage gift essential eco box! Enjoy.FREE SHIPPING!

Earthmuffin's Essential Oils Reeds Diffuser

Pure Peppermint Essential oil


From our Fresh Herbal gardens & hand crafted steam water distilled in our home craft studio.

Many Herbal uses: Invigorating & uplifting Herbal Tea &True healing oi l: Supports sinuses, warm muscle relax bath oil, known for aiding in digestion. When used as tea. Wonderful in home diffuser even as household cleanser maybe best of all douse cotton balls scatter through out home or camp to rid mice.

Known for supporting aid in digestion when used as whole herbal tea.

we offer .5 ml. glass rod vials. 

Pure Peppermint Essential oil