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Create A Green Gift Box - earth friendly...fill it send it or treat yourself.. enjoy ...

Earthmuffins Green Carriage Eco gift box is about -

filling your box full of soaking goodies for yourself @ the Spa or a wonderful Gift that makes Scents!!! Build your own Green Box ! send me an e-mail special order with your choices! Offer: black & white fleur de lis boxes.

We offer: Your Choice of 3 herbal soaps + (1) candle scent choice 11oz. metro glass jar+ (1) Island Time Herbal Tea (12) oz.  Try our delicious Island Time  Herbal Teas!

e-mail or Call us to chose your Gifts that make SCENTS! We use "flat rate" boxes which ship @12.85!

Green Carriage gift Boxes are Earth friendly  & recycled materials!

We pack Eco Gift Boxes special same day shipping ! Thank you.

Earthmuffins Green Carriage Gift Box
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Earthmuffins Healing Salve

Cuts & Bruises

Effective herbal healing remedy. Healing ointment for cuts,scrapes & scratches on hand.

Offering an Unscented h and blended base of pure Vitamin E, calendula, & Olive oils combines:

goldenseal( healing )extract, calendula , myrrh, & tea tree oil (melaleuca) heals & keeps bacteria away.

100% hand made 2 oz. jar w/screw lid

We offer a variety of eco gift bags, boxes, & sets if there is a special order just give us a call 9-5 daily. 

Earthmuffins Healing Salve
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 Earthmuffin's Pure Massage Oil

Offering Clean & simpleOrganics: Apricot+ Vit. E oiwith only purest essential oils.Chose: softly sensual (sandalwood),Or ylang yang) pure exotic scent (slightly erotic.Chose a scent from our list.  sustaining sources: from India.Full body massage or drip into bath for sensual soak.enjoy. 4oz. glass jar. eco friendlypkg. please call for special occasion wrapping.  

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Earthmuffins Body Lotion-Fair for Life

All Over Body Soft & Smooth: simply good....

The silky-textured lotion is ideal for your face & addictive when you smooth creamy emollient non-greasy 'lotion' on the rest of your body. We make small quantities and use only Pure Coconut & shea butter basewe add  local Vitamin E & Aloe vera gel for soothing support especiallu after sun. Local & sustaining ingredients sources and as a preservative organic Lecithan powder which is non-GMO. Essential light (lavender) scented aroma. Earthmuffin's -therapeutic creamy lotion is pure moisturizing & balancing. Look & feel younger every day support.100% french lavender essential oil. Additive free!

Certified fair trade/ pure ingredients Shea Butter & Aloe leaf extract, sunflower oil=(pure vit. E) ,& lavender essential oil. Simply  natural plastic bottles. non-gmo -paraben free-vegan-no animal testing-non synthetic fragrance-gluten free-unrefined ingredients. no color- pure white creamy emollience.

Offering my exclusive handmade recipe : requested by loyal customers a special product handcrafted in the Islands by Laurie @ EarthmuffinsIsland Herbals . Enjoy!

Holiday & Spa Gift packaging & Eco boxes available add your favorite scents , candles & soaps!!

Earthmuffins Body Lotion-Fair for Life
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Earthmuffins Sore Muscle Rub 

COMFORT & RELIEF: effective wonder healing oils.

A pure blend of soothing essential oils for massaging sore muscles. Use for full body massage & heal yourself daily- very effective highly aromatic .

 Revitalizing & healing soreness support : combines sweet almond oil: healing oils winter green ( mentha salicylate) deep penetrating & peppermint oil( mentha peperita) ,warms & cools, combines soothing warm notes of arnica & ginger root essential oil (zingber olificinales organic Vit. E & bees wax).

100% Effective relief of sore muscles from over work, stress , sports & play .

*pure organic essential oils from sustaining sources.

Earthmuffins Muscle Comfort Body Oil
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Earth-therapy Foot Massager

Roll your Cares Away

This is the love of your life to relieve your sore aching feet! All wood grooved for comfort rolling under the bottom of your feet while sitting- relaxing- letting go- perfect massage 

Loved by all who adventure on!

Pure 100% reflexology for your self /gifts ! Truly a nice comfort.


Earth-therapy Foot Massager
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Holiday Potpourri

 Holidays everywhere are made Special for you!

We have made beautifully scented dried florals for your Holiday Spirits.

We gather dried florals, seed pods, berries, spices & herbs hand dried & blended in Fall for your Holiday delight- In Winter time fresh hand dried botanicals are essential from the farmer's garden- Gorgeous scents of The Seasons' .....Enjoy All Year long!

Please specify Fall Harvest Spice or Holiday Potpourris (cranberry artisan)..

Hand blended 22 oz. bags of pretty dried garden florals red rose petals hand dried ,red rose hips, red clover blossoms, lotus pods,laurel bay leaves , mint & lemongrass leaves , cedar tips, balsam cones, assorted dried nuts,lily pods & seeds. Herbal & Spice blends! fresh dried for Holidays! hand dried cinnomon bark, cloves, & anise stars make glorious spicy blends we combine our finest wildcrafted garden florals +orange, spice, red berries, laurel bay & evergreen & assorted cones!

Earthly delights specially Labeled & Tied up with pretty natural ribbons of red & green (organdy) in clear natural cellophane bags-beaut iful hand made gift! Ready for Home, Office or Holiday Gift giving.SEASONAL DELIGHT!

This is seasonal but lasts a very long time 1yr.+ add fresh orange, lemon sprigs & essential oils!

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Holiday Potpurri
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Earthmuffins Lavender Hair Oil

Healthy Healing

Root to Tip: 100% Lavender essential oil with pure herbal nutrients for total hair care.

Usage: Lavender essential oil blended with pure almond, & wheat germ oils for a healthy, nourished scalp, apply several drops on clean damp hair in different location on the scalp lightly massage with finger tips . For stronger, smoother hair apply lightly throughout hair paying special attention to the ends. Dry & style as usual.

* essential for smoothing & perfectly scented.

offering glass pump bottle .75 ml.

Earthmuffins Lavender Hair Oil
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Island Lights Rosemary Soy Candles

 Pure Rich scent...Symbolizes Remembrance

 Beautiful scent both familiar & unique .... Spiritually Uplifting enjoyed over the ages- symbolic scent for " rememberance" . Asked for by my long time friend Peggy! A gorgeous Spiritual scent worn by brides in bouquets & tiaras... past to present.....Lovely & distinctive... Highly Aromatic & refreshing : warm florals combine with top notes of an Alpine forest floor. Grown as a fresh herb used for essential oils for centuries!

Add fresh to your space whether personal or gathering with friends. Enjoy.

100% pure rosemary essential oil! cotton wicks . enjoy long lasting 90+ hours . Metro glass jar candles or (see 4oz. tins for travel+ bath) Aromatherapy! enjoy

Island Lights Rosemary Soy Candles
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Sweet Patchouli Essential Oil

Earth scents

offering hand blended Pure Patchouli essential oil+ botanicals to soften perfectly for your bath & body - a warm exotic intoxicating scent long wearing. Forever scents of the 60's.

Beautifully scented to drop into your bath or wear as perfume body oil.

We offer a category of beautifully scented essential perfume oils from sustained sources worldwide just click!

We offfer eye dropper bottle or glass rod vial. 5ml.

wrapped in organza gift bags ready for shipping.

We offer gift bags & boxes just call for special orders.

Sweet Patchouli Essential Oil
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Earthmuffins Loofah Soap Bars

Emollient exfollient

Fine functioning creamy soap bar handmilled finest coconut & shea butte r dried loofah sponge (exfolliating) combines our finest ingredients.

Fresh scrubbing (loofah) soap whether your gardening or exfoliating with purpose.

Handmade -chose  light mint, or Rosemary & lavender scent- pure essential oils bar. 4oz.

Offered in in our bath binge box. A sk for special gift wrap, bags & boxes. ! Enjoy

Earthmuffins Loofah Soap Bars
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Earthmuffins Island Gift Certificates

Earthmuffins Island Herbals Gift for you


Fifty dollars______________________________00/100 Good

for two years. Call & redeem & enjoy. Laurie J. Johnson

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