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Handmade in Vermont......

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Tap into your potential ASAP.

The body knows how to heal, how to calm down,and how to recover , but diverse stresses pat & presentconfuse its responses and reduce efficiency .  Without chemical residues  and druggy side effects, homeopathy can enhance life through all its stages ,remove barriers to healing and minimize the scarring we carry with us. Drinking coffee has phenols and herbal teas have many properties so give some a chance to help how you feel and cleanse thru your mind-body- soul. 

STRESS TO Mindfulness...

Island Time " Chill Out" Herbal Tea

Holy Basil leaves, Lemon balm,  Schisandra berries.

Sip for relaxation: Spring into Summer enjoy hot or cold.

Know there's time for calming spirit  & inner peace.

Everyone deals with stress . In fact  stress is said to be the # one problem for Americans. To keep ourselves healthy & happy some of us are turning to the practice of mindfulness. I’m one of those who is for both the benefit of herbal teas & mindfulness.

What is Mindfulness ? Being fully present To everyday moments & sensations. It’s like a kind of meditation that helps you be less reactive & overwhelmed by what’s going on around you.

There are Herbs we make teas from combining (spices,fruits,nuts and flowers) that can increase mindfulness with relaxation.

These are recipes I’ve chosen for both my website and some recent ones I have written up for this space.

These herbals promote a sense of calm to be enjoyed throughout the day, afternoon or evening.

These include herbs with nervine & adapto genic properties: we all know of chamomile, lemon balm , skullcap, & schisandra berries,relax heart, quiet spirit

 holy basil (adapto genic herb),help mind to adapt to stress & reduce restlessness,

crimson berries for those of you whom enjoy warming spice.

Start sipping to relax:


Island Time Herbal Teas

 Chill  Out Tea

1 tsp. organic lemon balm- calming

1 tsp. holy basil -relax

1tsp. Schisandra berries-flavor+mellow out

1 tsp. stevia leaf

Steep in pot or large jar. Sweet tea with a splash of berries. to calm & restore calm spirit. 

For me incorporating all these herbs into my daily tea rituals has enhanced my everyday calmer spirit-mindfulness. Whenever you are on your journey to greater health-enjoy spiritual rituals with herbal teas for achieving a higher state of being- mindfulness.

Herbal Chai Tea

1 Tlbsp. Earthmuffin's Herbal Indian Chai Blend Tea

Steep in pot or cup with tea strainer. This tea is tannin free, caffeine free, and a whole herbal garden of exotic spices. Uplifting spirit & relaxing you day or evening is a sweet thing. add stevia leaf or  make with your favorite hot  or cold milk. Earthmuffin's spicy blend of 

whole cloves, cinnamon bark, nutmeg, coriander, black pepper & anise. No caffeine.  Order online

Earthmuffin has written recipes for favorite herbal teas since 1989 which we enjoy 24/7. Try her  “ Harvest Tea for Wild Women” for those who wish to energize (caffeinated) while preparing & planting spring seeds enjoy a burst berries &  warming spice.


Bring yourself away from caffeine for a day or time for yourself to chill down. 

Ingredients: pure Valarian root, Lemon Balm & delicious Passion Flowers…

Steep 1-2 teaspoon in mug  or fill tea ball for a Full Pot of Tea or use a qt. canning jar.

Let steep 10 minutes.

Enjoy your Tea and your rest peacefully.

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Deep ZZZ’S Herbal tea

 Earthmuffins Island Time Teas

Finest Organics: Fresh Passion Flowers ((calming), Lemon Balm( Relaxation),  Valarian root, cut dried from garden. Promotes Sleep Real sleepy notes.

Taste is refreshing light Passion flowers, & lemon balm is lemony soft, valarian has a nutty taste.

Enjoy fresh grown & hand blended . 

Recipe For Success

When life calls you to “stay at home” find your green thumb, plant more gardens, create Cottage business build crafts money making hobbies. When I am not in nature I fill my greenhouse bins with fall spinach, red Cale, broccoli and Brussels.  We built a rental base project, and more gardens. One caveat for fall planting in cold climates do it early. We are at sea level in Champlain Islands so we have longer growing season,, we need a lot of veggies that’s how e eat.

Plant at least 6 weeks before frost time when the ground will freeze. The biggest draw back is for your plants not having enough time to produce some sweet crops. When planting your mums for them to come back in spring, plan proper depth means  dig deeper holes and mulch a whole lot.

Most plants tolerate planting at various times of the year if they are well watered.


When to plant these garden favorites.


Warm season annuals & veggies.

Herbs lots of all types.

Tender bulbs( canna, gladiolas,dahlia)

Bare-root plants

Divided plants 

Fall blooming plants(mums)


Hardy plants


Spring blooming bulbs

( such as tulips, daffodils, hyacinths,crocus & grape gentia)




Deciduous trees and shrubs

Cool season annuals

Cool,season vegetable

Plant early before frost  from pots to fresh earth, mulch .




This remedy and its herbal companions offer gentle effective way to ease stress...CBD oils....

    Numbers of people encounter stress everyday in their  lives like 8 out of 10 people...according to recent polls by Gallup..everyday people  we know  experience stress ...

Of that number the poll says "44% responded to to frequently experiencing stress"..these numbers surprise no-one. Sadly the fact that many people turn to unhealthy habits, such as eating, having lack of both sleep & daily exercising.. and drinking too much alcohol, in the face of stress- is no surprise either.. 

     What may be surprising is that HEMP can help ease stress, and that, combining it with additional herbal remedies amplifies its actions. Numbers of folks from all walks of life..adhere to hemp for their wellness regimen ...

Hemp in the Body 

About 20 years ago, researchers discovered that cells through-out the body contained receptors for endocannabinoids. ​These substances help control all physiological functions, including how the brain responds to stress. Researchers also learned that stress itself can,turn ,upset endocannabinoid levels within the brain,causing a downward spiral in which the body's ability to employ these substances properly  becomes more and more impaired.​ Scientista found in addition the hemp contains phytocannabinoids, which interact with the same cell receptors. As a result hemp acts within the body in a similar fashion to endocannabinoids, helping to maintain a healthy state of balance, being.

     Hemp's pytocannabinoids are particularly useful when factors such as stress and poor diet cause a state of endocannabinoid deficiency. CBD(hemp) oils can be organic & pure oils which are being used for calming stress & anxiety & nerve relaxants... many Vets of foreign wars, use hemp oils, for releif from PTSD & stress relief.... CBD has the THC removed from the compound.. both non narcotic(non hallucinogenic). THC: Tetrahydrocannabinol,one of the oldest hallucinogenic drugs known. THC Is one of, 113 cannabinoids identified in Cannabis. Cannabis comes from the flowering tops & leaves ofthe Hemp plant, which  is a complex plant. Hemp With its' many proven & "newly"discovered Healing powers & Medicinal uses  HEMP is presntly being  researched further. There is evidence that cannabis extracts were used by the Chinese,as far back as First Century,A.D. as an Herbal Remedy.

  We will be adding CBD certified organic oils to our list of healing products.

"Organic Chemistry,Morrison and Boyd,(Allyn and Bacon,1983)" 

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The Medicinal benefits of Herbs have been known for centuries. Records of Native Americans, Romans, Egyptians, Persian and Hebrew medical practices show that herbs were used extensively to treat practically every known illness.

Many herbs contain powerful ingredients that, if used correctly can help to heal the body. The pharmiceutical industry was originally based upon the ability to isolate these  ingredients and make them available in apuer form. Herbalists, however, contend that nature  provides other ingredients in the same herbs to balance the more powerful ingredients. 

These other components, though they may be less potent, may help to act as a buffers,  synergists,or counter balances working in harmony with the more powerful ingredients. Therefore, when you use herbsin their complete form, your body's healing process utilizes a balance of ingredients provided by nature.

In these United States, Herbal remedies were used widely until early 1900's, when what  was to become the modern pharmaceutical

began isolating individual active componentsand producing drugs based on them....

American medicine became almost exclusivelycommitted to a nedical system some practitioners call allopathy.,​whichseeks to treat illness by producing a condition in the body that does not allow the disease to thrive or  live. Over the years, n=most Americans have become conditioned to rely on synthetic, commercial drugs for relief.

Today however, Scientists' have taken a second look at herbal remedies. Particularly the last twenty years. Today's renewed interest in herbs reflects increasing concerns about the side effects of powerful​ synthetic drugs, as well as the desire of many people to take charge of their own health, rather than merely submitting themselvesto a sometimes-impersonal health care system. We are also rediscovering the healthful benefits of tasty herbs for cooking aromatic herbs for enhancing and helping to balance mental, spiritual , and physical health. 

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Nature's Pharmacy

Nature's pharmacy is an abundant one. Many herbs are rich in compounds that have beneficial effect on certain tissues and organs, and , therefore, can be used as medicines to treat, cure, or prevent disease. Herbal remedies can helpnourich your immune system, stimulate the regeneration of cells, damaged live tissue, build the strength of the adrenal glands, counter the adverse effects of chemotherapy,balance the endocrine system,stimulate milk productiona, improve night vision, among other things.

Basically, Medicinal Herbs fall into two categories ​tonic and stimulating.

Tonics help cellsm tissues, and organs to maintain tone, balance, throughout the body. some tonics activate and invigorate bodily processes or parts. Other tonics supply important nutrientstha cells, tissues and organs need to function properly. Tonics ordinarily are taken regularly for three to nine months at a time to gently strengthen and imporve overall health.

Stimulating herbs have much stronger actions and are used t treat particular ailments. theshould be taken in smaller doses than tonic herbs, and for shorter perieds of time. To be continued....

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The  Healing Power of Herbs

Ancient cultures had no idea why herbs worked-they simply knew that certain plants produced certain desired results. Only in the last hundred years or so have chemists and pharmicists been isolating and purifying the beneficial compounds in plants to produce reliable pharmaceutical drugs. About 25 percent of the prescription medicines sold today are ( or originally were) derived from plants. For example:

, Morphine and codeine come from the opium poppy.

, Aspirin originated from willow bark.

, Digitalis, a heart muscle strengthener, is derived from the   

   foxglove plant.

, Paclitaxel,Taxol. cited:used in cancer chemotherapym comes from the Pacific yew tree. ( Prescription for Nutritional Healing, 4th Edition PhyllisA. Balch, CNC.). The world health organizationestimates 80percent of the world's population today depends on plants to treat comon ailments. 

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The world health organization estimates tha 80 percentHerbalism is an essential part of Ayurvedic(Indian), traditional Asian, Native american,and Naturopathic medicines. Many homeopathic remedies are derive dfrom plants as well.

Every Native American nation has its own herbal medicine tradition based on plants growing in the geographic area where they live. Common among All Native American cultures is the spirituality attached to the gathering and use of whole herbs, and spices, many peoples use the herbs both medicinally and ceremonially. to be con't.

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Essential oils...A Guide to Uses..


    You cook with cinnamon, nutmeg & sage sip peppermint tea and you enjoy aromatics of vanilla bean,& patchouli...we lather up with sandalwood soap..and soak in lavender scented bath oils & salts...You burn lovely cranberry woods soy candles.Enjoy Earthmuffin's Island Lights- light  up your nights! The same flavorful and aromatic herbs used all around the house & (world). however, create problems when used incorrectly as essentual oils.

"Essential ols are highly potent, plant-based compounds" we all know unfortunate folks who use whole herb oils full force on delicate skin & face. Aromatherapist and author of Healing Power of Essential Oils(Harmony)"When they are sued properly, they are virtually no side effects." but he cautions,"You need to knowhow to use them properly".

  When safe use, essential oils offer a host of health benefits: Studies show that Tea Tree Oil is anti-bacterial & reduces inflammation, chamomile soothes skin , but is in the rag weed family & you could be allergic, Aloe Vera gel is used as sunburn soother, and Lavender eases stress and post-partum depression in women.

     Robust research into the benefits of these plant- based compounds,combined with growing interest in natural health, (always for some of us),has led to increased use of natural remedies, including essential oils. The global essential oils market is expected to reach $11/7 billion before 2022, up from $6.6 billion in 2016, according to market research firm Grand View Research.

    It is  up to you to learn about essential oils safety before you start using them. Taking classes ,reading books, and seeking out advice from other reputable sources, including Aromatherapists. 

  The Illustrated Encylcopedia of Essential Oils in Aromatherapy & Herbalism. Author: Julia Lawless. Publisher: Element Books.

copyright: 1995.ISBN 10-1-85-250-721-8.   

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